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Lot 42: Shaker Gifts


Estimate: $400 – $600
Sold: $324.50

Hostess apron, pink and white sheer linen, with crocheted lace finished decoration, card in pocket “To Dear Miriam from Bertha” (Bertha Lindsay, Canterbury); Pink and white crocheted wool infant’s cap, scarf and booties in a candy box with tissue paper, with a baby card from Bertha, and a lovely poem called “Two Little Socks. Dedication” by Emily E. Culver, along with an enclosed note from Miriam McCue “Little pink knitted cap made for Brian by a Shaker friend, 1954”, “Not used because wrong color!”; Pink and white crochet edged handkerchief, Shaker folded and boxed, with decoupage child reading with bluebirds in a nest, sent from Sister Jennie Wells, Pittsfield, to Mrs. Gerald McCue.

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Three Shaker crocheted gifts