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Lot 9:
Historical Acoma Pueblo wedding jar, red and brown decoration on a cream/white background, signed on bottom “Old Acoma, N.M.”, from the Dr. Wolfe collection, Troy, NY, 10” h.

Lot 10:
Framed bi-pointed knife, tannish/cream, Callaway, Co., MO, very fine, from the Dr. Wolfe collection, Troy, NY, 6 ½” l.


Lot 38:
Rare Woodlands burl ladle, handle terminating in a carved bird’s head, from the Dr. Wolfe collection, Troy, NY, 9 ½” l.


Lot 40:
Very good maple Iroquois effigy ladle, terminating in a human face at the hook (back), from the Dr. Wolfe collection, Troy, NY, 10 ½” l.

Lot 53:
Rare 19th c. Plains medicine bag, symmetrical strips of beadwork in blues, yellow, and white-heart red, double quilled drops on the corners with tin cones and red trade cloth, deer skin wrapped handle, from the Dr. Wolfe collection, Troy, NY.

Lot 65:
19th c. Plains two-sided dance drum, polychrome decorated in blue, green and red, used in spiritual ceremonies such as rain dances, in-use wear, good condition, old blue Cowan’s auction tag attached, 16” dia.

Lot 74:
19th c. Plains pipe bag, red seed bead background, with crosses and teepee design in green, white, cobalt, yellow and red, cobalt blue and light blue border, and two vertical rectangles on opposite side, quilled parfleche strips terminating in bells and long 12” deerskin strips, 22” l.


Lot 75
19th c. Sioux pipe bag with beaded bottom with triangles in light blue and green, and opposite in white background with beaded gold diamond, edged in blue, red crosses, finely quilled strips in red with green and orange squares, blue edges, old tag reads “Sioux near White Pine, S. Dak.”, 21” l.


Lot 80:
Large pictoral Navajo Yeibichai rug, 12 colorful Yei figures holding corn stalks, and bringing them to a figure holding a potted corn plant, very finely woven, zigzag border in black, gold, natural and gray, excellent condition, 5’ 10” x 9’ 6”.


Lot 81
Rare 19th c. Navajo wearing blanket, red, blue and natural, some pulls/holes, light stains, edges are good, 6’ 9” x 5’ 1”.

Lot 106:
New Guinea orator’s chair, (ex. Worcester collection), painted male figure with carved features, (note: carved from one piece of wood), 51″ h.





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