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Lot 40: Sap Bucket, Basket and Pail


Estimate: $600 – $800
Sold: $708

Coopered pine Shaker sap bucket, original yellow painted finish, red painted interior, cast iron shaped metal hanger attached to rim, two iron bands, stamped on bottom “N.F. Shakers, Enfield, N.H.”, 9 1/4″ h, 11 1/2″ dia; Rectangular basket, dark splint, single carved hoop handle, single wrapped rim, minor breaks and imperfections, old patina, 8″ h (to top of handle), 9″ l, 8″ w; Applesauce pail, pine and maple bands, copper tacks, wire bail high turned wood handle, used as containers for the Shaker’s applesauce industry, (small attached red tag “$6.50”).

Sap bucket purchased from the North Family at Enfield, NH in 1967 for $25
(Dr. McCue’s small Notebook)

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Yellow bucket, basket & applesauce pail