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Lot 2: Two Shaker Pipes


Estimate: $200 – $300
Sold: $118

Clay and wood, red/brown molded clay bowl with fluted edges, 8″ l; and a white clay bowl with a bamboo stem, 7″ l; “The bowls were made of both red and white clay…in 1814 pipe ‘boals’ were sold in quantity for a penny a piece…Pipes were being sold by the Church as late as 1853…at Watervliet and Mt. Lebanon.” The Community Industries of the Shakers, E.D. Andrews, p. 167.

Envelope accompanies the pipes with Dr. McCue’s pencilled inscription on back, “Shaker pipe from Mt. Lebanon. Inherited by Darrow School, sold by them to Sister R. Mildred Barker, Trustee at Sabbathday Lake, and by her to J. McCue.”.

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Two Shaker pipes, 8″ & 7″ l