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Lot 28: Handwritten Notes By Shakers


Estimate: $1,500 – $2,000

Four notes involving other Shakers and Worldly People, short note authored by an unidentified “Sister” to another Shaker about a meeting led by “El. P” and mentioning Paul Kingston, Elder P’s “confidential aide-de-camp”, saying that Paul “…is living the old way, we should judge, having his 6th Baby”, a postscript infers the receiver will burn the note after reading; a note on Shakers’ Medicine Department Mount Lebanon, N.Y. letterhead, dated June 16 1884, and authored by H. Clough to Br. Benjamin about a Brother J. Hallock who has been limping but “…forgets to limp occasionally when he is not walking the door-yard”, later mentioning goods shipped from Bridgeport, CT and other goings-on; a note written on the back of a Genuine Shaker Dried Sweet Corn Sears & Stone advertisement, dated Jan 7 1884, authored by Brother James to Brother B. mentioning Tom Gamble, a lawyer for Elder Peter, mentioning a legal matter involving $10,000 and being upset with the other party; and a letter from M. Catherine Allen of Fancy Goods Antiques in Mt. Lebanon to a Mr. Rosenthall of Pittsfield, MA regarding the sale of small pieces of fabric, dated January 3rd, 1919, 9 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ (THIS LETTER HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN FROM THIS LOT); all in very good condition, with soft edges and strong folds.

Lot 28 Transcription

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Handwritten Notes By Shakers