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Lot 36: Five Cylindrical Boxes With Turned Lids


SOLD: $1,500 (without buyer’s premium)
Estimate: $300 – $600

Maple, original varnish finish, for holding needles, spools and Sister’s sewing instruments, two are paper labeled under lids “Kezia Lyman”, one holds an original fitted three-part spool, 2” to 3” h, 3/4” to 2 1/2” dia, (Flo and Howard Fertig collection).

Note: Clarissa Kezia Lyman (1837-1897) was a long time member at Enfield, CT. However, Sister Kezia left with Brother John W.R. Copley in order to get married in 1866.

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Five Cylindrical Boxes With Turned Lids