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Lot 30: Rare Infirmary Cupboard


SOLD: $4,250 (without buyer’s premium)
Estimate: $5,000 – $7,000

Poplar and pine, original dark cherry red painted finish, two-piece stepback form, slight overhung top board with round edges, over a two glazed door cupboard with full glazed sides, opening to three permanent glass shelves, with original turquoise blue painted interior, bottom section with three drawers on left side and raised panel cupboard door on right, opening to three shelves, square canted foot base, original porcelain pulls and door closures, originally purchased from the infirmary office at the Whitewater,
Ohio Shaker community, c. 1870, sold by WHA in 2004, Lot 315, 65” h (top 32 3/4” h, bottom 32 1/4” h), 25 3/4” w (at top), 25 3/4”
w (bottom case), 19 1/2” d).

This is a rare size two-piece infirmary cupboard and in excellent condition. The left inside door has two twist closures, one at the top and one at the bottom. It is also notched along the edge of the door to accommodate the glass shelves.

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Rare Infirmary Cupboard