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Lot 126A: Ephemera Collection Related to Hingham, MA


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From a direct descendent of Solomon Lincoln, to include “Daniel Cushings Will” (seven pages), dated 1700 (born 1619); booklet “Early Settlers of Hingham, New England”, presented to “Solomon Lincoln Esq with the regards of H.A. Whitney, 21st June 1865”, and one of 24 copies printed in Boston, John Wilson and Son, 1865; and an important manuscript booklet/document in the hand of Solomon Lincoln, Jr., first historian of Hingham, “Extracts from Hingham Records…” related to Hingham preparation just before the Revolutionary War, “Benjamin Lincoln Esq. Moderator dated 1768 Sept 21, …the town chose Deacon Joshua Hersey…to join the committees from several towns within the province…to consult such measures as shall be necessary for the preservation of good order and regularity in the province at this critical conjuncture of affairs…that you take every legal and constitutional method for the preservation of our rights and liberties and for keeping rechecked those grievances we so generally complain of…the troops not be billeted in private families and at so convenient distance as not to interrupt the people. That you encourage the inhabitants to keep up Military duty whereby they may be in a capacity to defend themselves against foreign enemies…instructions were drawn up by Dr. Ezekial Hersey, Benj. Lincoln and Capt. Daniel Lincoln…that the duty imposed by Parliament upon the Tea landed in America is a tax on the Americans or levying contributions on them without their consent.”.

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Documents, Hingham, MA