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Lot 14: P. Virgilius Maro In Usum Scholarum


Estimate: $150 – $250
“Ad Londinensem Heynii Editionem Exactus” printed in London for T. Payne, B. & J. White, R. Faulder, and J. Edwards, 1793. Book is bound in thick vellum that appears original to the book. Some soiling to both boards and spinecover. Written black ink title starting to fade on spine. Interior has a few pages towards the beginning that have damage to right edge of paper, most likely bookworm damage. This Heyne’s edition of Virgil is from the library of Theodore Lincoln, son of General Benjamin Lincoln. General Benjamin Lincoln was a Major General during the Revolutionary War and acted as George Washington’s second during the surrender of the British at Yorktown. Accompanying this book is a handwritten note in General Lincoln’s hand from 1781. (ex. John P. Richardson collection, Hingham, MA)

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P. Virgilius Maro In Usum Scholarum


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