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Lot 129: Two Tsuba


Estimate: $200 – $400
Tsuba, Edo period, unsigned, Maru-gata shape ji-sukashi (carved openwork, positive silhouette), iron plate depicting two opposing fans with bamboo handles and cord with tassels providing a kozuka and kogai hitsu-ana, slightly rounded kaku-mimi , 8.0cm x 7.9 cm x 4.75mm. Tsuba, Edo period, unsigned, oblong mokko gata shape with two hitsu-ana, the blackened copper alloy plate enjoys full fine vertical nanako ground including the mimi, both sides on which kiri two variations if the paolonia in high relief are applied including several on the mimi, some are missing on the mimi, fair condition, some wear and loss, 7.06cm x 6.4cm x 4.72mm; (ex. William Moore estate, Milton, MA).

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Two Tsuba


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