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Lot 49: Oil of Ship at Full Sail

Estimate: $500 – $700

19th c. oil on pine board, three-masted schooner at full sail, with the flag the “James Baird” and an American flag, framed in simple molding in original red and green paint, on the back in pencil “Andrew King, mate of the schooner James Baird of Philadelphia manned by 8 men all told this day the 18th of October in the year of 1894 at Deleware B __ water in a North East Gale of Wind with both anchors down.”, “Life is sweet even on a plank.”, “Andrew King of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, British North America,”, “1st Cook: Panysy Iguasch that big Boy Nigger.”, “3 Elkanwigian Sailors, 1 Yankee Doodle all the Way from Connitcut the nugmeg state”, “Hong-Kong, Bombay-Calcutta, Yokahamma, San Francisco, Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope in an open Boat.”, etc.

Painting on board of ship, Andrew King