Lot 92A: Bayonets and Scabbard


Lot 92A: Bayonets and Scabbard


Estimate: $200 – $300

#1) German WWII 1943 K98 Bayonet, scabbard and leather frog , manufactured by R. A Herder. Celluloid grooved grip not cracked, 10″ blade, original blue, no scratches. Ricasso “5650” over “H” and on the reverse “43 FNG”. Scabbard also marked “5650”.

#2) WWI Bayonet including frog, wood on steel hilt, no cracks. Ricasso marked “5050” over “A”, and “S/176K”. Pommel has a logo over “77”, scabbard marked “5050”, frog not marked. 10″ blade false edge. Blade not abused. Belonged to Arthur Whittemore (former Supreme Court Justice) while in Europe during WWI.

#3) Post-WWII Bayonet manufactured in Czechoslovakia, wood grips, leather frog, marked “CSZ” over “D” and “E, rampant lion 26” on reverse, the side of the guard has a circle with “Z” in it, all in excellent condition. 11 3/4″ blade 99% bluing, not touched or abused, with original scabbard, hook marked “53” over “CSZ” over a hallmark. Leather frog not marked.

#4) Leather scabbard with silvered metal fittings including hook for frog, no frog, metal fitting throat stamped on rear side “25.R.2167”. A small hallmark on the fittings is a crown over a gothic character (John P. Richardson Estate, Hingham, MA).


Bayonets and Scabbard


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