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Lot 91E: Menpo/Face Armor


Estimate: $800 – $1,000

Menpo, Classic Edo Iron Ressei style (Furious Power), Men-po with detachable hana-no-ita (nose armor), pos. Nara area. Tetsu kuro deep brown, urushi nuri Ressei (ne no shita men style). Three lame Tetsu deep brown urushi nuri kiritsuke ko-zane yon-dan kebiki odoshi tare.Edo period Menpo. Of noteworthy mention is the well executed silver-gray lacquer painted detail of a kuchi hige and ago hige (moustache and goatee), of individual whiskers by brush strokes as if inlaid silver. The inside of the men-po is lacquered in shu (red), urushi nuri. The lower brass teeth are applied to the kuchi hige (main body of mask), and the upper teeth to the hana no ita. Odome posts intact both sides. Under the chin is an asa nagashi no ana (opening), for perspiration. Deep blue indigo tare (lacing) is correct and intact.

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Menpo/Face Armor


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