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Lot 91D: Hanbo/Face Armor


Estimate: $800 – $1,000

Rare Hanbo, Tsubame-gata, 16th/17th c. with rare tate (neck guard/cushon), mumei, two iron plates with asa nagashi no ana. Three laced single-hinged (rare), iron lames, lacquered (dark brown) in and out. The lames having a central hinge is unusual. Traces of what may be gold gilding on the inside of the hanbo. The recent tare blue lacing is incorrectly attached to the face plate otherwise correct. This design of face armor, protecting the chin and jaw, was most preferred in battle by the Samurai. It prevented chafing from the chord and secured the kabuto firmly in vigorous activity. In mint condition with no chips.

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Hanbo/Face Armor


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