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Lot 91A: Samurai Armor


Estimate: $1,500 – $2,000

18th/19th c. samurai armor consisting of helmet (Kaji Kabuto for fire official), dou/six gessan, sode (pair), suneate (pair), Kote (sleeves pair), appear related. The presence of stenciled leathers and the copper kanamono were reintroduced during the Edo period as the prospects for war diminished. This is a kirritsuke iyozane ni mai dou (in two parts joined by a hinge lacquered to look like iyozane and kozane scales). It is laced in the mitsu suji gaki style in which three lengths of braid are used rather than the usual two, a more deluxe option. This is not common at all and it is a good quality piece. The inner surface of the dou is laminated with black lacquered leather.

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Samurai Armor


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