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Lot 9: Framed Triptych


Estimate: $200 – $300

Senso-e Triptych Nakamura Shuko (c. 1894-1904). “The Japanese Second Army Battles at Chinchou”. No information is available on this artist who created senso-e for both the Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese War. He has also been named as being Nakamura Akika by Nicholas Chakin. The artist is likely not Tomita Shuko, the painter and illustrator active in the same period. Very vibrant and powerful attack scene, in good condition, good color and crisp images. Margins trimmed bottom and right side. Framed and mounted under plexiglass. Overall size 21″ H x 35.25″ W. Face 14.5″ H x 28.75″ W.

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Framed Triptych


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