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Lot 89: Court Sword – Tachi


Estimate: $700 – $900

Formal court sword , mumei, Ito-maki tachi in nashiji red lacquer/gold flake saya including sword bag. Overall 40″. All fittings are matching ensemble, engraved brass of meandering vine motif. The gold colored ito on the saya is over a light green silk brocade with gold metalic thread, some loss of silk. The tsuka includes brown ito over sami and two large finely engraved brass dragon menuki, one clutching a pearl, each approximately 3″. Iron Kaku Tachi tsuba with openwork boars eye at the corners and a large engraved copper o-seppa on each side. Shakudo habaki. 19th c. or earlier. Blade out of polish some damage to saya.

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Court Sword – Tachi


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