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Lot 85: Samurai Sword


Estimate: $800 – $1,200

Uchigatana mounted wakazashi, Mumei, shinogi-zukuri, Nagasa 56.3cm, Torii-zori 1.4cm. Tang with two mekuki-ana, kengyo end. Hamon appear like sanbonsugi with bright ashi. Hada is itame/mokume. Maru-gata Tsuba with raised relief of various plants and flowers, lacquered black with gold highlights. Two seppa, copper habaki. Natural wood saya with owner’s tag attached (paper on saya). Fuchi-Kashira en suite with meandering vine engraved, silvered brass alloy. Menuki each appear to be shakudo with gold highlights of a dragon.

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Samurai Sword


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