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Lot 78: Sword with Koshirae


Estimate: $600 – $800

Wakazashi and fine lacquer koshirae including kozuka and fittings en suite. The saya includes two different mon (Maeda & Mimura) of different lacquer treatments, a horn kurigata with gold grommets and black segeo. The fuchi and kashira set is Shakudo with gold mons and signed “Iwamoto Tomitoshi and Kao”. The menuki are descending birds in flight, are engraved with gold highlights and appear to be shakudo. The tsuba is a lozenge shape cloisonné of floral design on a turquoise ground and clouds on the reverse, on a copper plate, with shakudo fukurin. The seppa and habaki are gold gilt. The tsuka is select sami with blue ito. The blade is hira-zukuri, shallow iori mune, torii-zuri 8mm, nagasa 33.7cm. Hamon is suguha and maru turnback at the boshi, the jigane is a mix of itame and masame, The tang is mumei, funagata with three mekugi-ana and kesho file marks. Comes with a red lined brown and gold floral motif bag.

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Sword with Koshirae


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