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Lot 75: Tanto with Koshirae


Estimate: $300 – $500

Tanto and kaiken Kashirae. Tsuka needs repair to mekugi-ana. Saya is dark red nishiji lacquer, some chips and scratches (repairable), with engraved brass fittings inlaid with silver. The tsuka is gold lacquer on sami and polished smooth. The koshira is an engraved copper crouching shishi looking upward, as if on alert with gold inset eyes and traces of gold to the body. It is secured to the tsuka by shakudo clasps (ears). Silver wash habaki. Blade mumei is a Hirazukuri, nagasa; 18.5cm, Shallow Iori mune with uchizuri of .5cm, motohaba is 2.5cm. Blade in need of polish, some areas exhibit gunome hamon where visible, hada is not clear. Tang mumei, shows sujikai file marks, one mekugi-ana, sotoba-gata and iriyama-gata tip.

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Tanto with Koshirae


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