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Lot 52: Two Tsuba


Estimate: $125 – $200

#1) Nagoya-Mono tsuba, Nagoya mono were made to resemble Mino-Goto School. Partially signed “Choshu Hagi Ju Chika” on back side. Mokko-gata shape. The nigorome plate includes a nanako ground with carved high relief flowering cherry blossom trees silhouetted above and behind what appear to be gable end building roof lines on both sides. The entire mimi and the kozuka hitsu ana rim and mimi are finished with a raised large grain nanako with gold nunome on the buildings. The purplish-black luster is only visible on the seppa-dai and portions of the tree trunk. 6.733 x 6.119cm Nakago-ana 2.459cm x .826cm.

#2) Possibly a Jingo style Shoami tsuba, 16th c., unsigned. The thick Naga maru iron plate has its outer edge raised forming a 16 petal chrysanthemum bloom carved in a double row on both sides that extend outward from the center. The outer edge of the mimi is carved in high relief with a meandering continuous vine. The kogai hitsu ana is plugged with a lead ategane that is engraved with a tree bark or scratch design. The kozuka hitsu ana is open. The thickness at the nakago ana (seppa dai), is 3mm and 4.5mm at the mimi.

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Two Tsuba


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