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Lot 51: Tsuba


Estimate: $300 – $400

This large Edo-Higo mokko gata iron plate is inlaid, with gold dragon and clouds (hira zogan), the reverse includes line engraved ancient characters (seal script), possibly a religious incantation. The ategane are gold plugs with an interesting granular surface finish and matched shape. The raised border ring encircling the seppa dai and separating the lobes of the mokko shape. The inner ring has a fine cross-hatch engraving with traces of silver nunome inlay. The plate overall features an archaic look Edo period. On the reverse side the five ancient kaji characters engraved into the plate, possibly a Buddhist passage. 8.572cm x 7.742cm Maru-mimi .304cm Seppa-dai .442cm, Nakago-ana 2.769cm x 1cm.

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