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Lot 50: Two Tsuba


Estimate: $150 – $250

#1) Edo period-Kinko Maru gata (7.3 x 6.8cm), burnished Suaka refined copper plate. The plate thickness tapers (niku), from 4mm to 1.5mm at the kaku mimi. The inner rim of the nakago ana is fitted with what appears to be a silver liner. Though simple in design, the workmanship and utility of the piece appears well made. Small scratches on both sides.

#2) Edo Period unsigned Maru gata Iron plate engraved and inlayed with copper, shakudo, silver, brass and gold. Fan design over a low relief ishime-ji (rock face). Partial loss of inlay on both sides. The Kogai hitsu ana includes lead ategane (plug). Dimensions: 7.6×7.3cm and .4cm thickness at the seppa dai and kaku mimi.

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Two Tsuba


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