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Lot 4: Samurai Sword


Estimate: $300 – $500

Kyu Gunto (Army command or high official type 19 D guard), Colonial occupation. Hilt features four brass wire wrapped over white sami, twisted 2-wire rope flanked by two single wires, openwork cherry blossom design guard. Blade is a shinoge zukuri wakazashi, mumei evident loss of yokote, mumei, tang filed (abused), as if in haste to fit the hilt. Black lacquered wood saya and one ashi, natural wood with red band under ashi, missing leather field dress on saya. Shinogi-zukuri nagasa 57.7 cm, Iori mune, Torii-zori 1.5 cm. A silver mon (Naito Clan) mounted on tsuka suggests an ancestral connection of the owner to the clan.

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Samurai Sword