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Lot 33: Samurai Sword


Estimate: $700 – $900

Early Kai Gunto mounted Naval officer’s katana, 19 3/4″ (Nagasa). Tang engraved “Izumi (no) Kami Fujiwara Kunihiro” (Omote), “Echizen Ju” (Ura), Shimosaka School. Blade: Iori mune-hikushi, 1.27cm, tori-zori. Very active hamon. Custom mounting of the sword is mint including silvered fittings ensemble, and the blacked copper alloy Aori-gata tsuba has a woodgrain etching where exposed large silver o-seppa engraved with radiating sun rays. Polished dark brown lacquered same saya, black lacquered same and brown ito to the tsuka and three-disc five petal naval menuki. Some kizu, not fatal.

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Samurai Sword


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