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Lot 29: Samurai Sword


Estimate: $300 – $500

Shinto Wakazashi in a shira saya with saya-gaki. Blade mumei, Shinogi zukuri, Nagasa 47.5cm, Iori mune, Torii-zuri .7cm. Translation of the Sayagaki as follows; Tsuka: Bibai Tanzan Goto Taro ( in Hokkaido). Saya Wakazashi; Mumei “Goto ke senzo den Rai” (From the ancestors of the Goto Clan). On the sword was a tag that noted it was recovered in a cave next to a body in the 1940s. The Bibai area was at one time a prosperous coal mining industry. This was a prized heirloom to the original owner.

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Samurai Sword


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