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Lot 26: Koshirae Samurai Sword


Estimate: $1,000 – $1,500

Wakazashi and fine Koshirae, HF signed “Nagasone Kotetsu Nyudo Okisato” (Ko kanji in the “tora” form). This signature would have been used after a priesthood commitment. Blade; Shinogi-zukuri with bo-bi kaki-nagashi horimono, iori mune, nagasa of 55.4cm, torii-sori of 1.7cm, moto-haba and saki of 3cm and 1.9cm., and chu-kissaki. Tang Ubu, yasurime-kesho, jiri Kata-yamagata. Blade exhibits masame/itame hada, Hamon appears as chu-Suguba based with some sunagashi amid fine nie and nioi, boshi appears to be yakitsume (omote). Fine abalone/swirl lacquer saya/fittings missing kojiri. Of special note with regard to the fittings: the Fuchi Koshira are of mixed metal including inlay of shakudo, gold, silver and copper depicting a seated scholar gazing upward contemplating in a pine forested mountain area that drops to the ocean and includes a rushing waterfall. The en-suite fuchi is signed Hirosada, Uchikoshi school (Konishi) or possibly 19th c. Myochin school, early 19th c. Green/gold bag w/orange tassel, damage to saya, minor nicks to blade.

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Koshirae Samurai Sword


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