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Lot 25: Koshirae Samurai Sword


Estimate: $800 – $1,200

Handachi mounted mumei ko-tachi, black lacquered leather ito wrapped on white sami tsuka and wakasa nuri urushi saya, solid silver en-suite fittings, fine engraved copper inlaid with silver menuki of cockle and hen/chic, carved brass openwork dragon, finely carved openwork tsuba signed “Hikone ju Tsunemasa”, gold foil seppa. Blade is a shobu-zukuri, mumei, yasurime- sujichigai, tang end- kurijiri. Nagasa 51.4cm, torii-zori 1.7cm, Motohaba 2.4cm Sakihaba 1.5cm. Very fine black, gold and red urushi saya, brown sageo attached to kurikata. Very good polish and condition, not abused. Blade period not determined.

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Koshirae Samurai Sword


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