Lot 206: Spiritual Tanka

Lot 206: Spiritual Tanka

Estimate: $300 – $500

Antique Tibetan or Nepali spiritual tanka, possibly dyani, used for tantric meditation to achieve enlightenment through the Palace of Purity. Several round mandalas, guardian deities, and lineages. The central Buddha at the top is seated on a blue lotus blossom in the heavens amid blue clouds, blue and red opposing dragons. To the right and left side of the large mandala are blue peonies. Mineral pigments with extensive gold highlights and accents on fabric superimposed over the heavens, mountains, rivers, and plains of the Himalayas. Used as a meditation aid to achieve enlightenment, self-awareness, and direction. Measures 14 1/2″ x 18 1/2″. Not consecrated on reverse.


Spiritual Tanka


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