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Lot 17: Samurai Sword


Estimate: $300 – $500

Kai Gunto T97 Navy, black lacquer and polished sharkskin on wood saya with gold gilt brass fittings and cherry blossom menuki. Blackened copper plate Aori-maru tsuba with two large blackened o-seppa engraved as radiating sun rays together with two gold guilt seppa. Fittings are gold gilt iron except the fuchi and mouth of the saya are soft metal. Gilding is worn. Dark brown 1934 field grade officers tassel, late war was used for all ranks. Large encircled Anchor stamp, mumei tang, Toyokawa Navy arsenal stainless steel. #572 Shinogi-zukuti blade, Nagasa = 62cm, Iori mune, Torii-zori = 1.8cm. Silver wash on copper habaki, Hamon Suguba with o-maru boshi. polish and blade in good condition, no abuse noted. 5-1-2 written in ink on tang.

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Samurai Sword


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