Lot 157: Japanese Woodblock Prints


Lot 157: Japanese Woodblock Prints


Estimate: $200 – $300

#1) Woodblock print, Keisai sha, Kitau Masayoshi (Kuwagata Keisai), Kacho-e, 14 1/4″ x 8 7/8″, pair of pheasants. Deluxe edition marked in pencil on reverse “7 of 125″, L 18”, 20th c. edition, good impression, color and execution of embossing to feathers, flowers and bokashi. Very well preserved. The signature reads “Keisai sha” referring to Kitao Masayoshi (Kuwagata Keisai, 1764-1824). The left side of the seal reads “Masayoshi”. This is a later deluxe impression of one sheet from the album “Kaihaku raikin zui” (“A Compendium of Pictures of Birds Imported from Overseas”), with added signatures and seal.

#2) Woodblock print, clutch of chicks, signed and sealed unread.

#3) Rooster and hen, unsigned, good color and impression. Trim border.


Japanese Woodblock Prints


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