Lot 131: T. Roosevelt Letter


Lot 131: T. Roosevelt Letter


Estimate: $200 – $300

Signed WWI Theodore Roosevelt letter, dated May 17th, 1917 on Metropolitan Magazine letterhead. Roosevelt started out as a political contributor and then became the magazine’s editor in 1914. Before the United States entered World War I, Roosevelt met with Woodrow Wilson to form a volunteer Infantry division. This letter, addressed to George H. Crocker, makes reference to Roosevelt hoping Crocker can help him establish a volunteer division in Massachusetts. President Wilson would eventually deny Roosevelt’s request to form such a division.

As follows: “My dear Mr. Crocker: I am sure we can use you. I will have an application sent to you at once. Meanwhile, will you let me know just what you think you could do, and whether you think you could raise men in Massachusetts? I wish you could get in touch with Captain George A. Kyle of Boston, and Warren S. Patten of Cambridge, who also desire to go into the division. Perhaps you three might begin raising a unit in Massachusetts. Faithfully yours, Theodore Roosevelt”.

On period linen paper, sharp corners, minor fold separations less than a 1/4″. Includes a brief war service biography of George H. Crocker (Priscilla Archibald Estate, Duxbury, MA).


T. Roosevelt Letter


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