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Lot 13: Samurai Sword


Estimate: $700 – $900

Kai Gunto T97 Navy, black lacquered wood saya with gold gilt brass fittings and cherry blossom menuki. Blackened copper plate naga-maru tsuba with two large blackened o-seppa engraved as radiating sun rays together with two gold gilt seppa. Braided brown officer’s cord with slide knot hangs from the tsuka, brown ito wrapped over composite black sami on wood tsuka. Shinogi-zukuri blade, nagasa = 65.5 cm torii-zori 1.5 cm iori mune. Signed: “Noshu ju Toki (2), Kanemasa Saku”. Showa stamp. Hamon is notare and boshi O-maru. Good polish, no kizu, bends or chips, not abused. White sock.

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Samurai Sword


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