Lot 103: Swords and Machete


Lot 103: Swords and Machete


Estimate: $400 – $500

Three swords and a machete without scabbards. #1) Societal or militia ceremonial sword with brass hilt featuring clam shell guard with eagle clutching arrows and olive leaves, wings spread outward and classic shield on breast. The grips are missing and the pommel is an armor helmet with feather. No maker marks found.

#2) Machete marked “Clark & Parsons Co. East Wilton, ME. USA, AeroFino, Calidad Garantizado No 22”. In addition, there is an arm cocked back holding a machete over “Relampago”. Overall; 31″, 26″ blade and five rivet horn handle, 19th or early 20th c. No damage, very light rust spots but blade bright, can be easily cleaned up. Popular in Cuba.

#3) Rapier with open work guard and wood hilt. May have been ceremonial or dress use. Makers mark engraved, illegible. Blade 30.75″.

#4) Antique (early 19th c.) light Cavalry type saber. Not marked, not certain of origin. Openwork iron d-guard, twisted copper wire wrapped wood grip, no splits, 32″ fullered (partial two-thirds both sides) blade. Light rust except tip area a little heavier. The top 8-10″ of the blade appears to have been double edged but slightly dull now (Priscilla Archibald Estate, Duxbury, MA).


Swords and Machete


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