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Lot 85B: 19th and 20th c. Books on Seafaring


Seven books to include: New American Practical Navigator, by Nathaniel Bowditch, 1851, cover reinforced with sail cloth and initialed “W S”, and another Bowditch, 1938; A New and Accurate Method of Finding a Ship’s Position at Sea…, by Capt. Thomas H. Sumner, 3rd Edition revised, 1851; American Ship Master’s Guide, by Francis G. Clarke, Boston, 1838; The Kedge Anchor or Young Sailor’s Assistant, by William Brady, Sailing Master, USN, 4th Edition, New York, 1849; The Blue Jacket’s Manual, United States Navy, 10th Edition, 1949; Principles and Practice of Surveying, Bread and Hosmer, New York, 1931; (ex. Whiting estate, Plymouth, MA).

Estimate: $100-200

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